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Absen M 2.9 Modular LED display

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Absen M 2.9 Modular LED display

This modular LED display has not even been for one year now in the market. Its innovative features makes it unique and very suitable for big events that require the maximum quality in all aspects. We have already used it in various occasions and we can attest to its spectacular performance.

High resolution (2k in 6m)
Maximum quality
Tiltable screen (+5º, -5º)
Blazing fast mounting

Innovative design to make easier and improve installation. The design of the modules makes mounting quick and safe, with the saving in time and money it entails. Being its modules 25% lighter than usual, and thanks to its anchor system and its magnetic fastening plates, installation is both quick and perfectly aligned

Another innovation in the design is the system to provide the curvature, which can be of up to 5º both in concave and convex. Once the curvature is selected, you only have to block the modules manually. Both the bars to hang them and the floor supports can be curved as desired.

Image quality. With all the innovations the design and the mounting imply, what the client eventually requires and the public demands is a painstaking image quality. And this is obtained in a surprising way with the features of this display: sharp blacks, 7500:1 contrast, and high refresh rate. Three features which allow a perfect viewing, both live and in broadcast.

The innovations Absen introduced in the LDI  (Live Design International Show) in Las Vegas in November 2016 make the difference nowadays and will determine the evolution of this product in all the manufacturers.

On the ground. Among the usages we have already applied, we can undoubtedly highlight two: at the Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary celebration at different locations in Madrid, and at the Partido Popular Annual Conference. In the latter, reaching a unique milestone, with a 35-lineal-meters screen. Thanks to the amount of modules we have, we can mount displays of more than 100m2.


It gives such good results that we have decided to increase our resources. We have purchased enough modules to assemble the screen you can see below. Made with 408 modules, it gets up to 102 square meters, offering 11,515,392 pixels (5.712×2016), perfectly coordinated and with a total alignment of the pieces for a result without fissures or uncertainties.




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