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LG OLED Dual-view Curved Tiling

12 April, 2018
We have just brought into Spain the first arrival in our country of this innovative set. LG has joined the quality of their OLED screen with the so pursued curved shapes, the dual-view resource and the content modularity in a product which is, right now, one of the crown jewels. It is a group of 8 screens, curved in themselves, and also mounted forming a kind of wave, with four screens in each side. The content can, of course, be distributed independently to each one of them or to do it with the combination that best suits the content. Its image quality, the elegance of the set and its features turn the LG-65EE5PC model into an innovative high-end product. Received, mounted, tested and ready to serve our clients. LG


5 March, 2018
We have bought 6 units of this model from the Corean manufacturer because it has some features which make it the perfect solution for any outdoor situation and environment. Some of its main features are: easy installation outdoor protection anti-reflection panel embedded media player vandalism protection self-cooling system ultra-slim-85mm depth WIFI and network hub functionality   This screen gets a high visibility thanks to the Magic Glass system. The brightness sensor system and the elimination of reflections make it the perfect system whatever the conditions. Get to know in depth this set 

LG 88″ Ultrastretch Signage

6 February, 2018
  These LG “ultra-stretch” screen format gets such a surprising and eye-catching result that is being very well received. We have been successfully using for some time now the 86”model and now we are widening the range with the 88-inch model. Apart from being as wide as the previous one, this version also offers new options for content distribution.   Its main features are: • Ultra HD Resolution (3840×1080) • Ultra-stretch format (32:9) • Up to 4 different contents • Landscape or portrait installation • LG SuperSign Editor to adapt the content easily     Thanks to its versatility and to its elegant design, this screen surprises the public and it is, no doubt, an added- value for any booth, for a presentation or for fixed signage inside buildings, just to mention three examples. As it can also be installed “LAN-Daisy-Chained “, you can get astonishing visual results! Learn all the details of the 88BH7D at the manufacturer’s web site

LEYARD Carbonlight CLA 1.9 led videowall

6 February, 2018
Leyard Carbonlight CLA 1.9 led videowall   It won’t be distributed until after ISE’18 (Amsterdam, 6-9 February), but we want to be the first ones to bring it to Spain and make it available to our clients. So we have already bought it and you will soon see this new screen around. This Leyard’s new model, the CarbonLight CLA 1.9, surpasses in many ways other nominally similar led screens. The most important advantages are (the text marked in italic comes from Signature Design with Carbon Fiber Structure The Leyard CarbonLight CLA Series is designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications. Through thoughtful engineering and craftsmanship, the Leyard CarbonLight CLA Series features a thin, lightweight, high-strength carbon fiber casing in a modular design to fit a wide range of simple or complex applications. The unique structural design of the Leyard CarbonLight CLA Series has pioneered, patented and perfected the use of carbon fiber in the construction of LED video wall displays. Fast, Flexible Construction From start to finish, the Leyard CarbonLight CLA Series accommodates the fast-paced nature of rental, staging and flexible-fixed installations. With Leyard CarbonLight CLA Series’ modular design, free-standing or hanging applications are possible and can be quickly constructed using Leyard CarbonLight bracketry. Tailor-Made for Swift Installation, Service, and Disassembly The Leyard CarbonLight CLA bracketry is compatible with the Leyard CarbonLight CLA Series displays and accommodates fast servicing. With the easy-to-use bracketry, individual Leyard CarbonLight CLA Series displays can be removed and installed at any location in the video wall without disrupting the overall layout. Seamless Alignment with PrecisionArc Technology Leyard PrecisionArc technology allows the Leyard CarbonLight CLA Series to produce creatively curved video wall arrays. Each Leyard CarbonLight CLA Series display is designed to easily move to convex or concave positioning with CLA-Arcing Handles. Seamless alignment is achievable when combining curved Leyard CarbonLight CLA Series displays into eye-catching designs.     All together with the excellent quality of Leyard’s equipment and the reduced distance between pixels (1.9mm) makes it an ideal choice for temporary installations and also for flexible fixed installations. For some time now we have enjoyed another Leyard model, the Leyard Carbon CLI 3.9 S. Our possibilities and those of our clients are now expanded and we can better adapt to the needs and specific characteristics of each situation. Learn more on Leyard’s website.  

4K technology for the Broadcast department: 4K CAMERAS

30 October, 2017
4K CAMERAS In our eagerness to work only with the best brands and, moreover, with their best and most innovative equipment, we have totally renewed our de “broadcast” set. The result is an excellent set that combines: five professional 4K cameras, Panasonic AK-UC3000 portable and studio lenses to obtain the best results with them ATEM 2 M/E control for production and transmission Vinten PRO PED STUDIO pedestal With this set we can record and broadcast with maximum quality and full reliability any event for our customers, both indoors and outdoors, also including dynamic and very demanding events such as sporting or mass ones. We will tell you more in detail about each one of them below… PANASONIC AK-UC3000 CAMERAS 4K Cameras. Transmission function through long-distance optic fibre Panasonic has taken one more step forward in “broadcast” technology and this professional 4k cameras, of which we already have in Power AV 5 units, offers some innovative and improved features that turn it, right now, into our crown jewel in this field. As a specific and recent example, this the camera Mediapro used for the latest Barça-Madrid classic international broadcast at the Camp Nou. Among these improvements and innovations, the own manufacturer’s webpage highlights: focus assist, flash band compensation, and skew reduction, which is realized through high-speed scan from the MOS sensor. There are additional functions to improve shooting experience including enhanced shock less gain (-6 dB to 36 dB), a user gamma function, black gamma correction according to the pedestal setting, multi-step DNR and easy matrix adjustment. We are listing below the features of this professional camera, knowing that some of them can only be understood and really valued by the most specialised professionals:   FUJIFILM UA22X8 BERD and FUJIFILM UA27X6.5 BE LENSES The first one is a portable zoom lens for TV broadcasts with an optical performance compatible with 4K+ 2/3 format. And that offers the following features: The second one is a “box”-type HD Studio Lens that allows full potential of 4K optical performance with the 6.5-180mm focal lengths and large F1.5 aperture of this 27x lens. ATEM 2 M/E BROADCAST STUDIO 4K UHD live production switcher with cutting-edge technology which includes 20 x 12G-SDI re-synchronized inputs and that offers compatibility with any format up to a 2160p60 maximum resolution. It Includes large media memory, 4 media players, 2 Ultra HD resolution multi viewers, DVE, SuperSource, 6 keyers, audio mixer, 6 aux outputs, built in camera control. This model also includes a computer program with a virtual panel. It likewise supports optional Blackmagic hardware control panels. On the other hand, it is perfect for fast action live sports coverage because it can handle high frame rates in both HD and Ultra HD. All connections support 12G-SDI with the full compatibility to plug into all your HD-SDI, 3G-SDI and 6G-SDI equipment.       VINTEN PRO PED STUDIO PEDESTAL  

Absen M 2.9 Modular LED display

3 October, 2017
Absen M 2.9 Modular LED display This modular LED display has not even been for one year now in the market. Its innovative features makes it unique and very suitable for big events that require the maximum quality in all aspects. We have already used it in various occasions and we can attest to its spectacular performance. Innovative design to make easier and improve installation. The design of the modules makes mounting quick and safe, with the saving in time and money it entails. Being its modules 25% lighter than usual, and thanks to its anchor system and its magnetic fastening plates, installation is both quick and perfectly aligned Another innovation in the design is the system to provide the curvature, which can be of up to 5º both in concave and convex. Once the curvature is selected, you only have to block the modules manually. Both the bars to hang them and the floor supports can be curved as desired. Image quality. With all the innovations the design and the mounting imply, what the client eventually requires and the public demands is a painstaking image quality. And this is obtained in a surprising way with the features of this display: sharp blacks, 7500:1 contrast, and high refresh rate. Three features which allow a perfect viewing, both live and in broadcast. The innovations Absen introduced in the LDI  (Live Design International Show) in Las Vegas in November 2016 make the difference nowadays and will determine the evolution of this product in all the manufacturers. On the ground. Among the usages we have already applied, we can undoubtedly highlight two: at the Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary celebration at different locations in Madrid, and at the Partido Popular Annual Conference. In the latter, reaching a unique milestone, with a 35-lineal-meters screen. Thanks to the amount of modules we have, we can mount displays of more than 100m2.   It gives such good results that we have decided to increase our resources. We have purchased enough modules to assemble the screen you can see below. Made with 408 modules, it gets up to 102 square meters, offering 11,515,392 pixels (5.712×2016), perfectly coordinated and with a total alignment of the pieces for a result without fissures or uncertainties.    
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