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Computer system

Concercing computer systems and talking about a permanent installation, we design, plan, set up, and service your network system.

If it’s about a temporary event, we provide everything you need. We start with the systems (servers, medium and high end computers), including gadgets and accessories and finishing, if needed, with the mounting and setting-up of a network or developing the software you might need for the event.

And, of course, we can provide the computer technicians you might need for the service.

software and hardware solutions


pc & mac work stations

WorkStation HP and Apple Mac Pro, designed for high performance levels.


pc & mac all-in-one

ASUS Desktop tactile 21.5”, iMac 27” quad-core I5 3.2GHZ and Lenovo tactile 21,5”.



Desktop systems with different featured, HP and DELL.


pc & mac laptops

Medium and top range laptops, according to the content to be handled and to the intended use. Dell and Apple.


servers and network

Servers, data switch, server rack and uninterruptible power supply. We work with the brands 3com, ACP and HP.



Several laser systems in black-and-white and colour, with USB or wireless connectivity from HP and Brother.

There is virtually no event where these systems are not needed …

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