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We all love gadgets. The audience at the events, more and more, expect something else than watching, listening and keeping silent. The experience we want to offer tends to be multisensory and interactive. We want the attendants to take part, to get involved or to experience a unique and surprising experience.

Technology is key for it. And we are well-equipped and ready to provide these experiences: from remote voting systems to virtual reality glasses, including tablets, presentation remotes, movement sensors, etc. In short, everything that makes the experience of audience richer and leaves a mark in them.

the future is now


virtual reality

VR glasses, movement sensors and cameras. All you need to create realistic and stunning environments. We also develop the necessary content working hand in hand with the customer.



We have all the existing Ipad models, and we also have tablets with Android systems from different brands, in order to cover every need regarding size, power and capacity.


event control

Presentation remotes, indicators for lecturers and desktop stopwatch to control the times.


other devices

Android TV, Apple TV, Chrome Cast, drons.

Including interactive and participative systems makes these events more fun and striking…

40 Aniversario El País
Manos Volante-Diversas presentaciones
40 Aniversario El País
40 Aniversario El País
40 Aniversario El País

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