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LEYARD Carbonlight CLA 1.9 led videowall

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Leyard Carbonlight CLA 1.9 led videowall


It won’t be distributed until after ISE’18 (Amsterdam, 6-9 February), but we want to be the first ones to bring it to Spain and make it available to our clients. So we have already bought it and you will soon see this new screen around.

This Leyard’s new model, the CarbonLight CLA 1.9, surpasses in many ways other nominally similar led screens. The most important advantages are (the text marked in italic comes from leyard.com):

Leyard CarbonLight CLA 2Leyard CarbonLight CLA 2Leyard CarbonLight CLA 2

  • Signature Design with Carbon Fiber Structure

The Leyard CarbonLight CLA Series is designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications. Through thoughtful engineering and craftsmanship, the Leyard CarbonLight CLA Series features a thin, lightweight, high-strength carbon fiber casing in a modular design to fit a wide range of simple or complex applications. The unique structural design of the Leyard CarbonLight CLA Series has pioneered, patented and perfected the use of carbon fiber in the construction of LED video wall displays.

  • Fast, Flexible Construction

From start to finish, the Leyard CarbonLight CLA Series accommodates the fast-paced nature of rental, staging and flexible-fixed installations. With Leyard CarbonLight CLA Series’ modular design, free-standing or hanging applications are possible and can be quickly constructed using Leyard CarbonLight bracketry.

  • Tailor-Made for Swift Installation, Service, and Disassembly

The Leyard CarbonLight CLA bracketry is compatible with the Leyard CarbonLight CLA Series displays and accommodates fast servicing. With the easy-to-use bracketry, individual Leyard CarbonLight CLA Series displays can be removed and installed at any location in the video wall without disrupting the overall layout.

  • Seamless Alignment with PrecisionArc Technology

Leyard PrecisionArc technology allows the Leyard CarbonLight CLA Series to produce creatively curved video wall arrays. Each Leyard CarbonLight CLA Series display is designed to easily move to convex or concave positioning with CLA-Arcing Handles. Seamless alignment is achievable when combining curved Leyard CarbonLight CLA Series displays into eye-catching designs.



All together with the excellent quality of Leyard’s equipment and the reduced distance between pixels (1.9mm) makes it an ideal choice for temporary installations and also for flexible fixed installations.

For some time now we have enjoyed another Leyard model, the Leyard Carbon CLI 3.9 S. Our possibilities and those of our clients are now expanded and we can better adapt to the needs and specific characteristics of each situation.

Learn more on Leyard’s website.




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