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For an event to be captivating and to leave a mark, lighting is as important as any other aspects. It is not a matter of the space or the stage to be “well lit”… understanding that expression as ‘with enough light” or “powerful”.

The current technology allows the use of lighting to create sensations on its own, modifying the atmosphere, fostering the event’s “speech”, adding visual effects and even modifying spaces and the global perception.

Our stock of equipment and our know-how allow us, once again, to offer the ideal solution for every need, whether for an indoor or outdoor event, for small or large spaces, with a small number of people or crowds.

quality with no limits

Mesas y dimmers

control boards and dimmers

A wide board array, from conventional lighting to the technologically latest ones that allow controlling grand shows. ETC, Chamsys and Martin are our suppliers in this case.



We have the latest robotized in the market, both with LED technology and with discharge lamps, provided by the best brands: Clay Paky, Martin and Robe.

Iluminacion intemperie

outdoor lighting

Water and the elements are no longer a problem. We have a wide range of sets designed to work outdoors. With them we cover all needs, with such well-known systems as SGM and Chauvet.

Led estatico

static LED systems

Branch such as SGM, Martin, ETC and Acme are the ones we rely on for our static LED models.

pixel mapping


By the use of mediaservers such as Arkaos, we control individually each LED, which offers us the possibility to introduce videos, texts and almost any type of content with spectacular results.

Luz convencional


Classics that do not go out of fashion and that are always needed: tungsten spotlights for conventional lighting. We have the best brands in the market: Arri, ETC, Robert Juliat…

Maquinas de humo

smoke machines

Essential to strengthen the laser and other lighting effects, in order to create better ambiances for all the events, designed by and for the most demanding professionals.


tripods and accessories

We have a wide range of tripods and accessories to install light systems on the floor, overhangs and walls. The leading brands which we work with are Manfrotto, Avenger, Doughty, etc.

Lighting is one of the keys to succeed in an event. This is what you can achieve …

antequera light fest
Inauguración Hotel Bahía Príncipe - iluminación
Gala de Premios Grupo Eventoplús
Concierto en “La Cubierta” de Leganés
Desfile Telva "Moda En La Calle" 2016

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