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Sistema Leopard Meyer Sound

We almost fell short in adjectives: powerful, accurate, light, versatile, simple, safe, energetically optimum … All of them perfectly match with the new Meyer equipment. Though it is much better to hear and check them in the flesh.

And so we did last July. We used them for the first time in Santiago, for the “Fuegos del Apostol”. And indeed, all those adjectives accurately describe the benefits of the Meyer Sound LEOPARD SYSTEM

Sistema Leopard Meyer Sound

An Audio Accuracy That Connects: With its exceptional precision and headroom, the patent-pending LEOPARD reproduces the audio source with extraordinary accuracy, captivating audiences with both power and subtle musical detail.

Full Impact With a Fraction of the Weight: Innovative engineering brings the astonishing audio capabilities of the LEO Family to a compact and versatile package.

A Loudspeaker of Many Hats: A truly multipurpose system, LEOPARD is ideally suited to everything from mid-sized touring and live theatre to worship and live performance installations, and from symphony music to heavy metal.

Natively Simple: LEOPARD is optimized for use in arrays, with default low-mid array compensation for the simplest set-up, ever. Get great sound right from the start with Native Mode.

Reliable and Convenient Power Distro: To maintain signal integrity, the MDM-5000 distribution module offers LEO Family users a dependable and easy way to route AC power, audio, and RMS signals.

Exemplary Power-to-weight Ratio: An array of six LEOPARD with two accompanying 900-LFC loudspeakers can be flown using only a ½ ton motor.

Engineered for Efficiency: New class-D amplifier significantly reduces distortion while consuming less power and generating less heat.



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