Antequera Light Fest (ALF) - 2018 - Power AV Videomapping

Antequera Light Fest 2018

Antequera’s city hall, to commemorate the declaration of “The Antequera Dolmen Site” as World Heritage, organizes every summer the Antequera Light Fest (ALF).

Already in 2016 we saw the germ of what the following year would be the first ALF edition. But it has been this year, 2018, when the event has for good consolidated as a meeting event of touristic and cultural interest. During the night on July 13th and 14th this city in Malaga province offered the local public and those coming from other places a multiple audiovisual show conceived to display their streets and architectural monuments in a very special way.

Power AV was already present in that first step taken in 2016 and, since then on, has been every year, hand in hand with Womack Agency, in charge of the audiovisual technical part.

This time we have been present in 4 of the 6 venues the ALF 2018 has set:

1) Videomapping over Santa María La Mayor Royal Collegiate Church (Escribanos square)

Maybe the most glaring and popular one among all the shows. We make the stately “Colegiata” come to life with a breathtaking videomapping.

Power AV takes care of the technical management of the project, planimetry, projection and sound installation of the space. For it we use our cutting edge 3 DLP Panasonic 30K PT-RZ31KEJ laser projectors, managing the project with the WatchOut System and making the public vibrate with the best sound coming from our Meyer Sound Leopard system and the Meyer Sound 900-LFC subwoofers.

2) “Latidos” show (San Sebastián square)

The challenge was to create, through the lighting, a magical environment able to stimulate the audience and to take them, when passing by the square, into a thrilling and mysterious atmosphere.

Starting at this concept and working over the perimeter volumes of the space, we created different lighting levels, playing with the colors, texturizing the façades that surround this recently restored square and rounding it off with a projection on them of versus by local poets.

We managed all this by using more than 40 cutting-edge robotized heads and RGB floodlights, likewise the mounting of a 360o perimeter sound and with the perfect synchronization of all the elements with a “time code”.

3) “Pinceles de Luz” show (façade of the San Luis building)

They posed the challenge of making a show in which the works of the local artist Jose Medina were painted life and direct on an Ipad, but in such a way that the attendants would simultaneously witness how these works came to life, through projection, over the façade of the San Luis building. Pure life art.

It was necessary to develop an exclusive app for this project, something we managed thanks to our colleagues from “Maxpel Producciones”. Power AV took also care of the whole technical management of this space.

4) “Atmósferas” show (Town hall patio)

“Atmósferas” is a light installation specifically designed for the porticoed patio of Antequera town hall. The central fountain is transformed into a true “light source” that invades the whole architecture of the building. The light generates here a space for reflection in which, thanks to the color psychology, the visitor lives a sensorial and emotional experience.

Taking this idea that the Womack creative team poses us as the starting point, we developed a light design fitting with the architecture of the building. And in order to get this “intimate” atmosphere, we used cutting-edge robotized, a surrounding sound and a great number of smoke machines.

On top of what we just mentioned, of course, we needed a great array of microphone sets, structures, computer sets, wiring, etc. etc. And the work, over a week, of some 20 professionals.

We would like to convey our congratulations to the Antequera town hall team for their firm support towards this event and for making it a total success within only 2 years. And also our gratitude and satisfaction for being part of the project year by year.



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