Huawei event at the MWC19 - Mobile World Congress 2019

Huawei event at MWC19

The Chinese multinational, Huawei, organizes every year a parallel event to the MWC. At the emblematic “vela” hotel at the Barcelona promenade, Huawei offered its best clients, partners and employees scoops and presentations over several days.

Somehow, they offered a “vip” show of what was going to be taking place at the Mobile. The core, as well as at the Congress, was 5G technology and the way it is going to impact our lives.


Thanks to the trust Creative Spirit put in us, we were in charge of fitting out 4 auditoriums in the hotel and a couple of spaces more with a total of 7 LED screens with different sizes. From the biggest, 14m x 4m, down to the smallest ones at the lobby, 3m x 2m. Altogether, more than 170 m2 of screen, most of them with the Absen 2.9 model.

Of course, we took also care of the rest of the audiovisual equipment, including video, sound and lighting sets. In order to cover the whole Huawei event we had an excellent team working there. Thank you.

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