MWC19 - Mobile World Congress - Barcelona 2019

MWC 2019

Apple Tree Communications entrusted us the whole audiovisual of the auditoriums, both the main and the secondary ones, likewise the common spaces.

This is a brief outline of what the more than 100 registered people we had there did.

HALL 4 of the Trade Fair

It was the place where the opening and closing ceremonies likewise the presentations for which maximum audience was foreseen took place.

Of course, the highlight was the macro LED screen we installed. For that we used 780 modules of the cutting-edge Absen Polaris 2.9 model. A total of 195 m2 (30×6.5) and an image quality that impressed organizers as well as attendants.

Besides, content control was carried out, with the help of Mappscreen, using the Christie Spyder X80 and 2 Watchout. The Spyder is a processor that offers endless possibilities which turned out to be ideal for the occasion. Not for nothing 22 million pixels had to be handled (10080 x 2184), something simply unaffordable for other sets.

The rest of the Auditoriums

At the Auditorio A, the second most important, we used 6 Panasonic PT-DZ21K, 3 for the blending of the big central screen and 3 for the backup.

At the rest of the auditoriums (up to 5 more) we set a more simple projection installation.

Of course, at all the auditoriums, we also took care of the lighting, the sound, the broadcast, etc. By the numbers it meant more than 200 speakers of all kinds, some 300 “spotlights” (fresnels, apertures, floodlights,…) and tens of microphones, monitors, cameras, etc., etc.

Common spaces

At lobbies, resting areas and aisles around the whole Hall 4 we installed LED screens and monitors to broadcast in streaming the speeches and presentations that were taking place at all the auditoriums.

Besides, within the Mobile framework, many brands organize parallel events. We were at a macro event Huawei held at W-Barcelona hotel. As an independent event, we have placed the information and images here.

We have already outlined Apple Tree Communications and Mapscreen,and we don’t want to finish before mentioning Creative Spirit, Flopwork, Artlogic, Rigging BCN and Arcoiris, great travel companions, both at MWC and the Huawei event.

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