OPEN DAY MEEU - Power Audiovisual Rental Company


We have recently turned the official service and audio-visual equipment supplier of MEEU (Madrid Esposiciones y Eventos Urbanos, Madrid exhibitions and urban events) for all the spaces this centre has.

This is the reason why some days ago we filled up all their renewed spaces with our sets, for an intensive day that included different activities and several points of interest for all the participants. The most relevant ones were:


Presentation of the Estudio de Mercado 2018 (2018 market survey), by Grupo Eventoplus



Showroom with the best and most innovative sets from Power AV



Cine 3D (3D cinema) projection about the MEEU virtual renovation and recreation


The itinerary was guided in every moment by an app specially designed for the occasion: MEEU COINS. Totally developed by Maxpel Producciones, and available for iOS and Android, it included the programme for the event, the dossier with the spaces and a contest based on augmented reality, interactivity and questions through which you could keep winning “meeucoins” and so getting some of the prizes to be presented at the end of the day.


To sum up, an excellent day with our friends from Maxpel Producciones, Grupo Eventoplus, Grupo ADD and, of course, MEEU Madrid

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