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We are unceasingly watching projections. And many of us use them very often, either in the academic world, in the professional one or in a more personal and ludic level. But…, are we aware of all the possibilities that technology offers us nowadays in this field? It is difficult, if you are not a highly qualified professional, to be prepared to choose the best option or the one that best covers certain needs.

To sum up, we have all the current projection systems and we can advice you about which is the most convenient for you and about the equipment you need, depending on the space in which it is going to be used, its characteristics, the content you want to project, and the rest of your project features.


maximum definition


DLP projectors

We have high end projectors, offering innovative technical and creative possibilities. Up to 30,000 ANSI lumens and models with 4K that offer more brightness and quality. DLP is a matrix equipped with between 1 and 2 million of microscopic mirrors, each represented by a pixel, which modulate and reflect the light according to the input signal.


LCD projectors

Projectors to watch video, images or computer data, on a flat screen or on another surface. Good quality at more affordable prices. It works by making a powerful light source (lamp) pass through a transparent LCD matrix, with certain pixels that represent the image over the surface by means of the optics. It is the oldest of the modern projection systems.

Proyectores-Low Cost

low-cost projectors

The rest of the projectors, among which we have a wide lower-end projector range. Perfect for small conference and meeting rooms, with a reduced size and silent.


projection screens

Different formats and sizes, both in projection screens with front and retro and dual fabric, such as projection fabrics over trust in dual fabric.

Some of our recent works with projection systems…

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