R+D - Power Audiovisual Rental Company

Devoting time, effort and resources to R+D… ¿virtue or necessity?

Honestly: both reasons.

We feel passionate about learning and improving. We love surprising our customers and going beyond what they expect from us. And we enjoy making the most of our new technologies and reinventing them to squeeze them to the full.

But the thing is that we do not have any other option. The audience is more and more demanding and our customers know it. Luckily, technology and computers offer is a true always-expanding universe, in which you have to know how to move around.

Furthermore, the only way to fully satisfy our customers’ needs it tailoring the answer we give them. We are more and more aware of it day by day.

In order to serve that purpose we have a team with an innovative spirit. They all have the necessary technical capacity to offer our customers what they have not found yet.  We create contents and apps which are totally new in the market, designed specifically to cover a certain demand from a certain customer. This first initiative often generates afterwards a whole range of ideas that, in turn, are tailored to cover new needs.

to the infinity and…

Our R+D department is gaining importance and we are working really hard to keep it that way.

We are working on three main lines, which are absolutely interrelated:

CONTENT CREATION. Content creation and development, tailor-made for the customer over all the audiovisual areas: computer graphics, motion graphics, 3D, animation, video editing and advanced post-production.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT. Our IT team develops our own software. Specific applications and programs to satisfy our customers’ actual demands and needs.

CREATIVE AND DESIGN AREA. The whole department is in itself a “creative area”. But in order to get materialization and a visible end result of the two previous ones, a design work that looks after the final presentation and the interface with the users is essential.

This short video displays some of the things that the Department of R + D is working on.

It mainly shows content creation, the result of these in projections and screens, interactive content and applications of augmented reality.

On our Vimeo and Youtube channels you can see more related videos.

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