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ITo carry out well the tasks related to image, sound, lighting and production, it is essential to have the support of the structures team.

Metallic skeletons, steel trusses, tents, stages … are the basis over which we mount and carry out our job. Always with the right quality and style for the event in which we are collaborating.

universal supports

Estructuras de montaje

mounting structures

For major events, the systems, either screens, sound or lighting, have considerable dimensions and weights. It is necessary in these cases to mount trusses and other frameworks for their duly and safe installation.

Soportes de suelo

floor stands

For LED and plasma screens of up to 80 inches. They are columns and double columns, with their corresponding base.

Soportes electricos de suelo

motorized and electrical floor stands

From 85″ onwards we use motorized and electrical supports. The dimensions and the weight make this support necessary for the duly handling and installation of these systems..

Soportes de Videowall

plasma & LCD videowall supports

When the sets are fixed, installed on the wall, they need this type of supports. They work for both individual screens and for videowalls.

Soportes y Rigging

supports and rigging

For sound systems, both on overhang and with floor support, we have the adequate riggins and feet for every need.

Estructuras y motores

structures and engines

For big systems, or when we want to install them at height, we use special frameworks. Overhangs for sound systems and overhangs for LED modular screens.

We often mount big structures for our events…

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