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TV shows and galas

We constantly work with show, program and gala producers. Television keeps being one of media with higher social influence. The impact of a TV gala is huge, and it implies a worldwide exhibition. On TV, audiovisual systems are not one more factor; they are neither the most important one either. It is everything!

Both on TV and on any other live show, in order to get the necessary rhythm and impact, you need to use and master cutting-edge devices. The well-known “live” demands and the high production costs make thorough planning and seriously organizing the job down to the last little detail since the very first minute more important than ever.

Concierto en la cubierta de Leganés - espectaculos y galas TVMapping para El Hormiguero de Antena 3 - espectaculos y galas TV

Noche en Paz Telecinco - espectaculos y galas TV Management meeting 2016 KPMG con David Bisbal - espectaculos y galas TVDesfile Telva “Moda En La Calle” 2016

Premios Oracle 2016 - espectaculos y galas TVChanel Santi Petri - espectaculos y galas TVPremios Agrobank 2016 "Pasión por el trabajo bien hecho" - espectaculos y galas TV

Fiesta Ronald McDonald Fiat Café - espectaculos y galas TVPremios expansion- entregas de premiosFiesta Navidad Volkwagen - espectaculos y galas TV

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