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A complete event, often, requires, a whole group of devices all working simultaneously and with different contents. Controlling all these aspects, seamlessly coordinating them to offer the audience a global and harmonious experience, sharply following the times and the script designed for the event, is virtually impossible if you do not have cutting-edge devices.

We, at PowerAV, use high-tech screen management devices, such as Barco E2, Encore or Spyder X20. Thanks to them we can integrate video control, processing and presentation, combine up to 32 screens into one only control, and combine any viewing device, such as projectors, plasma screens, etc.

beyond the limits

Sistemas de presentacion

presentation devices

Essential video processors, for AGMs, presentations, and events in general. We can link several different signals, and we also have the possibility to play a wide range of effects.



Watchout is, by far, the easiest, quickest and most reliable way to create spectacular presentations. From the smallest concert or conference to the cartography of the best well-known buildings in the world.

Procesadores multiformato

multi-format processors

They provide video switch services, format conversion, likewise automatic scaling and independent digital and analogue audio routing with optional mobile controls.



It controls in high resolution everything during your event through the latest technology; we have PRV monitors in different sizes.


splitters, selectors and matrices

VGA analogue, RGBHY, composite video, audio splitters. Digital DVI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI splitters. RGBHV, composite video, audio and video matrices. VGA, SD-SDI, HDMI selectors.



VGA, RGBHV, composite video, components, y/c, DVI, LC, SDI and audio Converters. 02. RGBHV insulator, video and VGA extenders. black magic converters.

Our professionals and our teams, registering and splitting video at some of our works …

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